Invisalign Lite... Because Times Are Changing!

Change is Good! Most of the Time!

At All Smiles Orthodontics, we know that as times change, so should we. And now that COVID-19 has affected and touched all of our lives, things are sure to continue to change even more!

We embrace change, as we must, to continue best serving our community as desires and opportunities evolve. Many people want more convenience, including fewer actual visits to the office, or virtual appointments from the comfort of home or work. Many also want a choice in the results that best suits THEIR goals, as well as their budget. For these reasons, All Smiles Orthodontics is proud to offer virtual appointments for new as well as existing patients. We are also happy to provide the treatment alternatives Invisalign Lite and Star Aligners.

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Not Every Change is Good! Discover the Difference!

Do it Yourself Orthodontics

Some people go so far as choosing the convenience as well as lower cost of rendering their own treatment to themselves! This is especially true since the availability and advertisement of Do It Yourself (DIY) Orthodontics has become more prevalent. Serving our community means more to us than simply providing exceptional care and remarkable experiences to all of our patients and their families. It also means educating our community so that we can help them Discover the Difference! Attempting to move teeth without a doctor’s guidance as well as initial examination to rule out any factors that need to be considered, can be risky and dangerous. It can lead to not only poor treatment results, but can result in damage to the bite, gum tissues, TMJs, and even the loss of teeth!

Click here to read the American Association of Orthodontists warning with regards to Do it Yourself Orthodontics, and “mail order aligners”.

All Smiles Orthodontics is happy to offer Invisalign Lite and Star Aligners as our lower-cost alternatives to these risky and dangerous Do it Yourself Options. Both options are doctor-directed and much safer!

Invisalign Lite

We get it! Some people want the opportunity to have improvement with their smiles but aren’t looking for perfection. They want a lower cost alternative that suits their budget, now. For some, they would like to take advantage of a lower-cost alternative and still move up to a more comprehensive plan if they’re not completely happy with their result. All Smiles Orthodontics is excited to provide Invisalign Lite for just these reasons!

You will receive a customized treatment plan that is doctor-directed, after an in-house complete examination. Only 2-3 office visits are needed, and the rest will be by virtual appointment! Invisalign Lite treatment time is typically between 6-9 months total. It even includes one revision, to get you the best results possible!

Give it a try. Most patients are ecstatic about their beautiful new smile, at a fraction of the cost! For those few that want to take it to the next level, this option allows you that opportunity!