The first visit is by far the most important! First impressions can make all the difference so we strive for excellence!

When you arrive for your appointment, a Care Coordinator will meet with you to welcome your family to the practice. At this time we will go over any questions or concerns you may have and meet the doctor. It is important to discuss your child’s dental care history, including daily habits so that we can personalize a healthy dental routine. The doctor will conduct an evaluation so that you have a clear understanding of your child’s current oral health.

At this time we will welcome you and your child into the treatment area an exam with the doctor and x-rays. If there is further work needed, we will work diligently to complete the procedure on the first visit! While we love saving everyone a trip, a second visit may be required.

Our team recommends a dental check-up every six months. Depending on tooth development and hygiene, additional visits may be needed.

How should I prepare my child and myself for the first visit?

Prior to your initial consultation, expect a welcome call from one of our Care Coordinators. We ask that you express any of your primary concerns at this time. We encourage parents to describe the dentist as a positive and fun experience as you prepare your child for the visit. 

One way to do so is through children’s books and videos. This helps gain an idea of what will happen at their first visit. When describing the dental office, avoid using terms such as shot, needle or pull, etc. These words can create fear and anxiety. We strongly encourage using positive affirmations with your children so that they can enjoy their first dental experience. If your child has a favorite toy or security blanket, please bring it to the appointment so that your child can be comfortable in this new environment.

It is important to remember, since most children do not know what to expect, it is completely natural for a young child to cry or be anxious. Our goal is to help your child build trust for future visits. Our main priority is to create a more pleasant experience each visit, promoting their independence and confidence.