About Us

What Sets Us Apart

All Smiles Orthodontics is committed to providing the best experience possible. Our offices utilize the newest technology, treatments and best materials available. Due to our extensive level of education and experience treating patients with Invisalign, we have earned the designation as one of the Top 1% Invisalign Providers in the world! Many of our happy Invisalign patients come to us after being told elsewhere they are not Invisalign candidates.

Meet Our Doctors

Our orthodontists are board-certified and committed to the state of the art care for you and your family. We make sure to hire doctors that appreciate our culture. Together we are a team that is driven by the same things, as well as appreciate the same things. Family and excellence are important to our doctors. Continuing education, practicing advanced technology, and changing lives is our biggest inspiration!

Meet Our Team

At All Smiles Orthodontics, we all share the same passion. We choose to surround ourselves with positive, friendly team members, and this shows.  We look forward to welcoming you to our family!

Smile Guarantee

Orthodontic treatment is an investment that adds tremendous value to the rest of you or your child's life. The key to lasting results is wearing your orthodontic retainers for a lifetime. For this reason, we also offer our patients a Retainers for Life Program.

Retainers for Life

With our retainer program, you are ensuring your smile for a lifetime. Break a retainer? Lose one? – We’ve got you covered. Our retainer program lasts for 10 years after you enroll. Within those 10 years, you can receive up to 10 sets of retainers with a $30 copay per arch. This program is especially beneficial for those going into high school, college, or those who have busy careers. Accidents happen – let’s make sure you’re covered.

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