Braces For Adults

Adult Braces

Let’s face it, society places great emphasis on the benefits of a beautiful smile. This includes personal as well as professional reasons. Some adults are concerned with their bite, excessive tooth wear, etc. But the greatest single reason that adults get treatment is for the happiness and self-confidence that an amazing smile can provide! The great news is new technologies with braces and Invisalign are making it easier than ever to get that dream smile. For these reasons, more adults are getting treatment than ever before. In fact, adults make up over 35% of our practice at All Smiles Orthodontics.

Why Get Braces as an Adult?

If Invisalign is not an option or choice- then get braces!

Many adults are either not a candidate for Invisalign, or choose not to go with Invisalign for various reasons- the belief they may lack compliance or just personal choices. Either way, braces is then still the best option as opposed to not getting that smile you’ve always dreamed of!

**REMEMBER- Straight teeth with braces on them still look better than crooked teeth without braces!! Within 3-6 months, your smile will already be much improved, and you will see your self-confidence growing as you can see and feel the difference.

What are you waiting for? Call us today so you too can get started on that smile you’ve always dreamed of!!

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