Braces for Teens

Braces for Adolescents and Teens- Because It’s Cool to Have Braces!

At All Smiles Orthodontics, we know how exciting it is for a teen to begin that milestone in their life called orthodontics! Getting started at the right time is crucial to not only achieving the most beautiful result possible, but also to prevent being in treatment any longer than necessary. Our doctor(s) are Board Certified, so you can take comfort knowing you are in the right hands.

When Is the Optimal Time to Start Treatment?

The best time to get started is usually around the ages of 11-14 years old. By the age of 12 years old, most of the permanent teeth have erupted, and they have been waiting for this day with excitement. Some benefits to starting treatment as an early teen include:

  1. There is still significant growth present, which allows us to harness it to its maximum potential. We can develop the facial profile with higher efficiency and greater probability. This can include many orthopedic treatments directed at jaw expansion to create more room for teeth, lower jaw growth to improve severe overbites, etc.
  2. As a young person, the bone metabolism is greater, allowing for quicker tooth movement than that of an adult.
  3. Most importantly, because teens are excited to get started! Their friends and peers are also in treatment, and it is more socially accepted and even expected now more than ever.

We’re always here to answer your questions and assure you that we will take great care of the most precious thing in your life, your children. Let’s get started today!

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