Retainers for Life

Retainer Program

With our retainer program, you are ensuring your smile for a lifetime. Break a retainer? Lose one?  – We’ve got you covered. Our retainer program lasts for 10 years after you enroll. Within those 10 years, you can receive up to 10 sets of retainers with a $30 copay per arch. This program is especially beneficial for those going into high school, college, or those who have busy careers. Accidents happen – let’s make sure you’re covered.

Ensuring your smile for a lifetime requires a strong commitment to long-term retention. If you do not wear your retainers, your teeth will continue to shift throughout your life. Retainers eventually age and lose their effectiveness or break. They may also be lost or damaged due to neglect. To provide peace of mind and help protect your investment, we offer our patients several retainer options.

There are three main types of retainers most commonly used. It is important to understand that none of these retainers are meant to last a lifetime. With regular wear, they will become less effective or break. This usually occurs within one to three years on average. For the best protection of your smile, you will need to have them replaced periodically.



Essix is a clear, snap-on option which fit beautifully on your teeth and is considered the best option for retaining a beautiful smile. As a result, Essix is the only retainer product we offer in the Retainer Program.

Eventually, the plastic will become dull and may even crack, thereby losing some of their effectiveness. Typically lasting 1-3 years, these can be damaged by normal wear and tear, patient handling, night-time grinding, etc.

Vivera Retainer from Invisalign 

The Vivera Retainer is a product from Invisalign that is designed to retain teeth which have been aligned by your orthodontist. Regardless if you had braces, Invisalign or a specialty aligner, Vivera is built to keep your smile straight for a long time. It's a clear removable retainer that is thicker and tougher than the typical Invisalign aligner.

vivera retainer
bonded retainer


These retainers are made by disguising a wire along the back of your teeth, to bond them in place. These retainers secure the teeth wonderfully but require more daily maintenance as they are difficult to clean. We recommend bonded retainers due to their effectiveness, but only for as long as the patient can maintain proper care and cleanliness.


Constructed as a metal wire which wraps around the front six teeth, these are one of the most recognized retainers. Hawley retainers do not secure all of the teeth, are less aesthetically pleasing and unsustainable for your smile.