As technology evolves, we deliver leaner and less noticeable ways to provide orthodontic treatment. Whether you want clear braces that mimic the color of your natural teeth, or vibrant colors to express you personality, you can easily personalize your braces experience.

Same Day Braces

We love how excited our patients are when they make the journey into orthodontics, for this reason we offer same day braces! There is no need to wait for a later appointment when you can leave the office one step closer to your dream smile after your initial consultation.

Various Appliances



Elastics improve the bite of your upper and lower teeth. Always ensure to wear the elastics as prescribed to ensure effective and timely treatment.


Spacers are little rubber bands that are placed between your teeth to make room for orthodontic bands. These are only worn for a short period of time, and will be removed before the orthodontic bands are placed.



Herbst appliances are used to correct overbites. This appliance encourages the lower jaw to move forward, while the upper molars move backward. This fixed appliance is used mostly for younger, growing children and is worn for about 12-15 months.

Palate Expander

The palatal expander works to widen your upper jaw by putting gentle pressure on your upper molars each time an adjustment is made. Your orthodontist will instruct you about when and how to adjust your expander to achieve the desired result.



Retainers may be removable or fixed. Wearing your retainer is vital to ensuring your teeth hold their new, correct position. Your orthodontist will instruct you on how to care for your retainer and about the duration of the wear.

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Benefits of Invisalign 

Everyone deserves a personalized approach to straightening their teeth and creating a healthy bite. For many, Invisalign Clear Aligners are the best option! Clear Aligners give you the opportunity to comfortably and conveniently enhance your smile without interrupting your lifestyle. Continue to enjoy your favorite foods, spend less time at the orthodontic office, and achieve the smile you always dreamed of. Invisalign is virtually invisible, yet achieves the same result as other treatments. 

Invisalign is built around personalization. Through our 3D Itero Technology, you will receive a series of custom aligners exclusively for you. These trays are smooth, comfortable and made of medical grade (BPA-Free) thermoplastic polymers. Over the duration of your treatment time, the Clear Aligners will gently shift your teeth into place. Our doctors recommend that you change your aligners every 1-2 weeks until treatment is complete. Until then, people won't even know you’re wearing them! 

Invisalign Cost 

Our office uses the iTero Digital Scanner, this allows us to offer digital impressions that are more accurate and less messy than dental impressions. This means that we can save on expensive materials, allowing us to pass those savings on to you! Through our maximized benefits and flexible payment plans, Invisalign Clear Aligners are affordable, effective and comfortable for your lifestyle.

Invisalign FAQs

Does Invisalign work as well as Braces?

The truth is, Invisalign can work better and more efficiently than braces. They are so popular for a reason! Less appointments, shorter appointments, easier oral hygiene and overall fewer life interruptions.

Can I drink with my Aligners?

When wearing your aligners it is important to only drink WATER. This is because not only will your clear aligners stain, but they will trap sugars around your teeth which could cause decay. If you need to take a sip of your favorite drink, simply take out your aligners. Just remember to wear them at least 22 hours a day!

Does Invisalign hurt?

Similar to braces, there will be expected aches and pains. This happens when you graduate into your next aligner. It can be uncomfortable to take trays in and out. Keep in mind that this is all dependant on sensitivity. Most patients experience little to no pain, or the discomfort subsides within a few days.

What happens if I lose an Invisalign tray? 

We understand that mistakes happen. It’s possible to lose an Aligner - especially when they are clear! Maybe you left it in a napkin at the restaurant and it was thrown away… or maybe they were washed with the laundry. If this happens, make sure to call and consult your orthodontist for the best advice. Until then.. If you are close to graduating to your next tray, simply put it in early. If not, make sure you put in the previous tray so that your teeth do not shift.

Do I need to avoid certain food with Invisalign?

This is one of the best parts about Invisalign!

Choosing Invisalign Clear Aligners means that there are no restrictions on what you can eat or drink. While it is SO important that you never eat while wearing your aligners, simply remove them and you’re good to chow down! Just make sure that you place your aligner in a safe place while you eat. Aligners can easily be lost or thrown away when placed in a napkin or on the table.

How often do you wear the Invisalign Clear Aligners?

The ultimate goal is to wear you aligners at least 22 hours a day. This means at all times unless you are eating or brushing. We promise, it’s easy!

Can I get the same results with Invisalign as I can with Braces?

Yes! You will still get a beautiful result with either option you choose. Keep in mind that more complex cases may require braces in the beginning, however when the time is right you may switch to Invisalign Clear Aligners!

Is Insurance coverage the same for Invisalign vs. Braces?

Yes, insurance coverage is the same for both Invisalign and braces. Just like the cost, we believe that coverage should be equal. We do our best to maximize your insurance benefits, ensuring the best coverage for you and your family!

What problems could I have with my smile or bite?
  • Crooked Teeth 
    • When the jaw is not wide enough to fit all of the teeth comfortably, this can cause teeth to grow in crooked or askew. 
  • Spaces Between Teeth 
    • This can happen with the teeth are too small for the jaw bone, or when teeth are missing. 
  • Overbite 
    • This is when the upper jaw noticeably protrudes the lower jaw. 
  • Excessive Overbite 
    • This is when the upper front teeth cover more than 10% of the lower teeth. 
  • Excessive Overjet 
    • When the upper jaw noticeably protrudes beyond the lower jaw, sometimes causing speech impediments, jaw pain or difficulty eating. 
  • Underbite 
    • This is when the lower jaw noticeably protrudes beyond the upper jaw. 
  • Crossbites 
    • If some of your upper teeth are covered by your lower teeth when the jaw is closed, this is a crossbite. This could cause your teeth to wear down uneven. 
  • Open Bites
    • If only your back teeth are touching when the jaw is closed, this is an open bite. This can cause speech impediments, jaw pain or difficulty eating. 
How often should I wear my retainer after treatment?

As a general rule, we recommend that you wear your retainer as much as possible for the first year. After year one, wear your retainer to bed at night. By year two you can begin to wean yourself off the retainer, wearing it only a few nights a week and eventually once a week. Keep in mind that specific treatment cases may vary and require longer retainer wear.

What happens if I lose my retainer?

We know that accidents can happen, for that reason we have a special retainer plan in place! Through our retainer program, you can receive up to 4 replacement retainers a year. This is especially convenient for teens entering high school or college. 

If you have lost your retainer, make sure you call the office as soon as possible. Especially if you are a braces patient! If you were an Invisalign patient, make sure to use your last tray (the one you ended treatment with) to hold your teeth in place until we can make you a new retainer!

What to do in case of an emergency?

If you are experiencing an orthodontic emergency, please give our office a call at (727) 442-6098

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Your First Visit

Free Consultation

They say first impressions count, which is why we offer new patients' initial examinations completely free of charge! During your complimentary consultation you can talk to us about your teeth and your orthodontic concerns and find out everything you need to know about our practice without any financial obligation.

Your First Visit

Consultation & X-Ray

After your introduction, one of our Orthodontic Assistants will take digital images of your bite along with a panoramic X-Ray. The Treatment Coordinator will then return to discuss your specific personal concerns.

Meet the Doctors

Once we learn more about your specific needs, the doctor will come in to give you his or her evaluation to educate you about our various treatment options and what to expect during treatment. They will also present pricing and payment options.

Smiling doctor at the clinic giving an handshake to his patient, healthcare and professionalism concept


Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of our Treatment Coordinators. They will give you a tour and introduce you to Blue Wave Orthodontics!

Treatment Costs

Treatment Time/Costs

Achieving your new smile is easier and faster than ever before! Choose from Invisalign Clear Aligners, Braces or our proprietary Xpress Aligners. One low down payment - and you can get started the same day! All you have to do is call 727-442-6098 or click here to get started!

Schedule your complimentary consultation now to determine the best treatment for you.

Invisalign Complete

Low down payment.
Comprehensive treatment.
No food restrictions.
Easily Removable.
Office visits every 8-12 weeks.
12-18 months of treatment time.
Top 1% Invisalign Provider. Best Option for Teens and Adults.

Invisalign Express

Low down payment.
Cosmetic treatment.
No food restrictions.
Easily Removable.
Only 2-3 Office visits total.
3-6 months treatment time.
Exclusive aligners. The best option for Teens and Adults.


Low down payment.
Comprehensive treatment.
Personalized color options.
Office visit every 4-8 weeks.
Best options for Kids.


There is no “one size fits all” treatment time for everyone. This is not only because we take a personalized approach, but because some cases are more complex than others. One average, Invisalign treatment can take 12-18 months. This is a good option for those with a busy schedule because you only need an office visit every 8-12 weeks. Traditional Braces typically entail longer treatment time. On average, braces treatment lasts 20-24 months and requires an office visit every 4 weeks. For those of you looking for a quick cosmetic treatment, our proprietary Xpress Aligners are the fastest treatment option. Our Xpress Aligners will only require 2-3 office visits and treatment time will range from 3-6 months.

With whatever option you choose, keep in mind that we have advanced technology in place to cut your treatment time in half. We make this an option for all of our patients. The Vpro5 is an advanced orthodontic mouthpiece designed to stimulate the bone and accelerate teeth movement. For those of you looking to achieve your smile in time for a special day, this is the perfect option!

Payment Plans

Our team believes that no one should have to base their orthodontic decision on finances. Achieving the beautiful and confident smile you always wanted should be affordable and accessible to all. We work hard to maximize your benefits and deliver remarkable results.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as a third party and in-house financing.

Care Credit

Care Credit is a wonderful option for our patients, simply apply in the office! If approved, you can begin treatment with no down payment and select a flexible payment plan that best fits your budget.

Retainer Program

Retainer Program

With our retainer program, you are ensuring your smile for a lifetime. Break a retainer? Lose one?  – We’ve got you covered. Our retainer program lasts for 6 years after you enroll. Within those 6 years, you can receive up to 4 replacement retainers at no additional cost to you! This program is especially beneficial for those going into high school, college, or those who have busy careers. Accidents happen – let’s make sure you’re covered.

Ensuring your smile for a lifetime requires a strong commitment to long-term retention. If you do not wear your retainers, your teeth will continue to shift throughout your life. Retainers eventually age and lose their effectiveness or break. They may also be lost or damaged due to neglect. To provide peace of mind and help protect your investment, we offer our patients several retainer options.

There are three main types of retainers most commonly used. It is important to understand that none of these retainers are meant to last a lifetime. With regular wear, they will become less effective or break. This usually occurs within one to three years on average. For the best protection of your smile, you will need to have them replaced periodically.



Essix is a clear, snap-on option which fit beautifully on your teeth and is considered the best option for retaining a beautiful smile. As a result, Essix is the only retainer product we offer in the Retainer Program.

Eventually, the plastic will become dull and may even crack, thereby losing some of their effectiveness. Typically lasting 1-3 years, these can be damaged by normal wear and tear, patient handling, night-time grinding, etc.

Vivera Retainer from Invisalign 

The Vivera Retainer is a product from Invisalign that is designed to retain teeth which have been aligned by your orthodontist. Regardless if you had braces, Invisalign or a specialty aligner, Vivera is built to keep your smile straight for a long time. It's a clear removable retainer that is thicker and tougher than the typical Invisalign aligner.

vivera retainer
bonded retainer


These retainers are made by disguising a wire along the back of your teeth, to bond them in place. These retainers secure the teeth wonderfully but require more daily maintenance as they are difficult to clean. We recommend bonded retainers due to their effectiveness, but only for as long as the patient can maintain proper care and cleanliness.


Constructed as a metal wire which wraps around the front six teeth, these are one of the most recognized retainers. Hawley retainers do not secure all of the teeth, are less aesthetically pleasing and unsustainable for your smile.



Why Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is more than just dentistry, your teeth are functional.

Orthodontic treatment not only helps the beautification of your smile but can prevent serious oral health problems. With orthodontics, brushing and flossing can become easier, you can speak and chew better, and your overall confidence will skyrocket!

Why choose us?

Most people don't realize how much orthodontic treatment has changed. Our offices are technology driven. Our doctors strive to continue education so that their practices and skills are top notch and modern. We understand the importance of advanced, accelerated treatment that artistically fits you and your unique needs.

When should I get Braces?

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that all children see an orthodontist for an evaluation by age seven. As the jaw is developing and we lose baby teeth, it is important to ensure enough space for the permanent teeth to erupt correctly. Early evaluation to monitor skeletal growth could mean less invasive treatment in your teen and adult years. At All Smiles, we offer a 7 & Up program complementary to you!

Am I too old for braces?

No! Orthodontic treatment can be beneficial at any age. This is because orthodontics not only corrects your smile but enhances your bite and breathing.

How long do I have to wear braces?

Treatment time varies by patient. Depending on the simplicity or severity of the case, treatment can be anywhere from months to a couple of years. By listening to your doctor and following instructions, you can ensure that you complete treatment by or BEFORE your projected completion date! 

Are Braces Expensive?

We believe in making treatment affordable for everyone. Orthodontic treatment should not be based on cost alone, so we do everything we can to work with your budget. We maximize your insurance benefits so that you can get the best rate possible, including options such as in-house financing and third-party financing.

How do I brush with Braces?

While brushing and flossing can be tricky with braces, you will become a pro in no time! All it takes is practice. We also have tools in place to help you brush and floss in the tricky places. It is important to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums when in treatment to avoid decay and decalcification. We want your smile to be perfect when you finish treatment - its a team effort!

Do Braces Hurt?

The straightforward answer is no - But this does depend on patient sensitivity. Braces should never hurt; however, there may be moments of discomfort. This is 100% normal and will go away quickly!

Keep in mind that your lips, gums, and cheeks may be sore for the first few days while you adapt to having braces. As they are adjusted over time, you may notice an “ache” for the first few days. Note that these aches will subside and you only have to worry about adjustments every month or so.

Can I wear braces if I play sports?

Yes! Our team heavily believes in extracurriculars and sports. Orthodontic treatment should never interfere with having fun or getting exercise. If you are a member of a sports team or fear that physical activity may require extra protection, please let us know. We will create a custom mouth guard for you, an essential tool for protecting your teeth during and after treatment!

What are the foods to avoid with braces?

Fortunately, the list of foods you should avoid isn't too long. However, it is important that you avoid these foods to prevent damaging your braces. Certain foods can be easily trapped in the brackets or wires, which could result in poor oral hygiene or losing the bracket itself. The list of foods to avoid include:

  • Chewy foods such as gummies, beef jerky or bagels.
  • Crunchy foods like carrots, popcorn or chips.
  • Sticky foods such as caramel candy or marshmallows.
  • Very hard foods like pizza crust or hard candy.
  • Foods that require biting into such as apples or corn on the cob. (Don't worry - you can still eat these by slicing the foods for smaller, easier bites).

What are elastics? What if I run out?

When you hear the doctor talk about elastics, they are referring to tiny rubber bands. These rubber bands apply pressure to the teeth in a way that braces or Invisalign trays can not. Elastics can be taken in and out and the doctor will instruct you on how to use them. If you run out, don’t worry! Stop by one of our offices and we will be happy to give you more! It is important that you do not wait until your next appointment to get more elastics as it could delay treatment time.

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