Benefits of Invisalign 

Everyone deserves a personalized approach to straightening their teeth and creating a healthy bite. For many, Invisalign Clear Aligners are the best option! Clear Aligners give you the opportunity to comfortably and conveniently enhance your smile without interrupting your lifestyle. Continue to enjoy your favorite foods, spend less time at the orthodontic office, and achieve the smile you always dreamed of. Invisalign is virtually invisible, yet achieves the same result as other treatments. 

Invisalign is built around personalization. Through our 3D Itero Technology, you will receive a series of custom aligners exclusively for you. These trays are smooth, comfortable and made of medical grade (BPA-Free) thermoplastic polymers. Over the duration of your treatment time, the Clear Aligners will gently shift your teeth into place. Our doctors recommend that you change your aligners every 1-2 weeks until treatment is complete. Until then, people won't even know you’re wearing them! 

Invisalign Cost 

Our office uses the iTero Digital Scanner, this allows us to offer digital impressions that are more accurate and less messy than dental impressions. This means that we can save on expensive materials, allowing us to pass those savings on to you! Through our maximized benefits and flexible payment plans, Invisalign Clear Aligners are affordable, effective and comfortable for your lifestyle.

Invisalign FAQs

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